Q: I’m not a lingerie type girl. Can I still do boudoir?

A: Absolutely! Lingerie is not the only way to look and feel sexy. You can do a boudoir shoot wearing a dress, robe, button-up, etc. Let us know if you are interested in a more in-depth wardrobe consult.

Q: I’m not sure I feel comfortable spending money on myself.

A: I totally understand. That’s why we offer payment plans to make a boudoir portrait experience manageable for any budget. This is an experience that you will cherish for your lifetime and you’ll be able to look back at your pictures and cherish the memories and experience for years to come.

Q: What if I don’t like my pictures?

A: After photographing women for over 8 years, I’m confident that you will be thrilled with the finished product. However, if for any reason you’re unsatisfied you may opt out of purchasing your photos.

Q: Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?

A: You are welcome to bring a guest, either a friend or significant other. We ask that you inform us of the guest before the shoot, and please limit to one person as we have limited shooting space.

Q: I don’t think I can afford this.

A: We do offer private online galleries where you can view and order your portraits if you want via our digital section for $250.00.

Q: Can I bring someone to the viewing?

A: Yes, you may bring 1 person with you to the viewing.

Q: After my order is placed, will I be able to purchase more from that shoot in the future?

A: Yes, you have up to 30 days after your reveal to purchase additional products . After the 30 days, there is a $150 archive fee.


Once it’s time for the shoot we’ll ask you which outfit you’re the most comfortable in, that’s the outfit we’ll start with. We want to make sure you’re comfortable 100% of the time you’re at our studio. The most important thing to know is that you should not be worrying about posing or facial expressions at all! That’s our job and we know just how to coach you through it in a super easy way.

We have photographed hundreds of boudoir photography sessions with overjoyed customers and we know exactly how to pose you down to your fingertips! You don’t need to worry about a thing, you just need to simply show up for your session.

We have years of training in posing to ensure that you are always posed in the most flattering ways and under the most flattering lighting. Once it’s time for your shoot we will just ask you to do simple things such as: “bring that shoulder towards me, bring your chin forward a bit, now look up at me with your eyes, put your hand here, etc.” It’s super simple and again you don’t need to do anything to prepare for this. 

We’ll start off with the simplest pose and coach you on exactly where to look, how to smile, etc. You’ll never wonder, “where should my hand be, does my face look good, or am I doing this right?” We’re super clear on exactly what to do and we’ll even show you photos along the way so you can be confident in knowing how amazing you look! Once we’ve gone through all the outfits and different sets we want to shoot with it’s time for us to edit your gorgeous photos. You will come back to meet with us usually between 4-5 days after your shoot for your personalized reveal and ordering session. Those can take place at either your home, a local coffee shop, park etc.